Irish Lottery Online

The Irish Lottery is the official lottery that is held twice a week in Ireland, and unlike many other lotteries held throughout the world you can purchase tickets for this event either online or buy them at retail outlets throughout Ireland.

The Draw takes place every Wednesday at 7:45pm and also on Saturday at 7:45pm so in effect there are two draws held each week and should the top prize jackpot not be won on any one draw then the winnings will roll over to the next draw.

There are in fact three different draws for the Irish Lottery held on Wednesdays and Saturdays the Main Draw is the one which most people tend to buy a ticket for however the extra draws are known as the Lotto +1 and the Lotto +2.

Should you be considering having a try at the Irish Lottery it is important for you to ensure you are entering and buying tickets for the Main Draw if you want the chance of winning the largest paying jackpot offered!

The Irish Lottery is structured in an easy to understand type of format and there are a total of 45 numbers in the Lottery Machine and six main numbers will be drawn out of the machine along with one additional ball which is known as the Bonus Ball.

The cost of purchasing one ticket for the Irish Lottery is 1.50 Euros, and for this you must select six numbers from one to forty five inclusive. You can buy your tickets for the Irish Lottery Online at the Win Trillions website.

Irish Lottery Prize Structure

The Prize Structure of the Irish Lottery is made up of a total of seven different prize levels some of which have a guaranteed minimum payouts attached to them and some have a variable payout amount attached to them depending on just how many winners for each level there are. These payout levels are listed below for you.

Match 3 Numbers – Subject to Prize Limits you are guaranteed to win a minimum of 5 Euros for matching any three numbers from the first six drawn.

Match 3 Number + Bonus Ball – A variable payout is awarded for matching any three main numbers and the Bonus Ball number.

Match 4 Numbers – There is a prize awarded for matching any 4 of the first six drawn with those chosen by you.

Match 4 Numbers + Bonus Ball – If your six numbers selected on your Irish Lottery ticket match four of the first six drawn and the Bonus Ball a prize is awarded for this.

Match 5 Numbers – The cash payouts for matching any five of the six Main Numbers on the Irish Lottery are quite high.

Match 5 Numbers + Bonus Ball – The second highest payout awarded on the Irish Lottery is awarded for everyone matching five of the first six Main Numbers drawn out of the machine and also the Bonus Ball.

Match 6 Numbers – If your six numbers on your Irish Lottery ticket match the first six Main Numbers drawn then you will win the jackpot payout, or share it if there is more than one winner.

Betting on the Irish Lottery

There are in fact other ways for you to be able to enter the Irish Lottery as a lot of land based and online Betting sites will let you placed what is known as a Fixed Odds type wager on this twice weekly lottery draw.

The difference between having a wager directly into the Lottery Draw and by placing a wager on the outcome of the draw is that when placing a bet on the Irish Lottery you can choose just how many numbers you wish to try and match with those drawn out of the lottery machine, and as such a set of static payout odds are offered.

Below you will find below an example of the odds you will find on offer for picking any amount of numbers on the Irish Lottery draw and the associated payouts for matching all of them. Be aware that these odds will fluctuate depending on which Betting site you have chosen to place your Irish Lottery wager at.

Pick and Match 1 Numbers – You will get fixed odds of 6/1 when you pick and match just one number on the Irish Lottery draw at selected betting sites.

Pick and Match 2 Numbers – By picking and matching 2 numbers at selected betting sites on the Irish Lottery the payout for this bet can be as high as 60/1.

Pick and Match 3 Numbers – For those of you prepared to try to pick and match three numbers from any of the six drawn on the Irish Lottery some very large payout odds which can be as high as 625/1 are on offer.

Pick and Match 4 Numbers – By picking and matching 4 numbers correctly on the Irish Lottery some huge odds of up to 6500/1 can be taken at many online and land based Betting sites and venues.

Pick and Match 5 Numbers – The biggest payout you will get when betting on the Irish Lottery is a huge 100000/1, and these odds are offered to those punters who pick and match any five of the six Main Numbers drawn out of the Irish Lottery machine.